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Good as place as any to put this - The spiritual is much more material and concrete than the ground of being, apophatic, neoplatonism stuff. Note the appearance of Yahweh in embodiments in the OT. Typically termed the Angel of the Lord. The culmination of that is found in Revelation 1 where it said that God sent his angel to his servant John and who then shows up as the angel - Jesus with eyes of flame, face shining like the sun - the only detailed description of his appearance found in the NT. Jesus says he is the “first and the last” a description given to Yahweh in the OT. One day I realized this dude described in Revelation 1 is the same one as the guy appearing in Ezekiel 1. That’s the Jesus who is with me who touches me as he did John and says “Do not be afraid”. So after the ascension Jesus resumed his normal day to day outfit. This whole thing leads into wonderful fun Triune God territory. You can dance through the whole Bible with this stuff and in your life, he is the Living God not the god of the philosophers after all. The spiritualities of the traditions of man - Calvinism, contemplative mysticism and so on is not the one I see in the Bible. Baptism in the Holy Ghost and fire is the ticket.

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