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I love the friendship, you two have. Hope to see more. You guys are lots of fun! ❤️

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I can’t see what you see, what was unsaid or said incorrectly, but I loved it. I think I understand though. I feel the exact same way about my story, but I’m trying to post once I’m most of the way there, or the wave has subsided, anyway. Otherwise the tinkering never ends, and nothing’s ever finished.

I enjoy the jam. I gotta do the Rembrandt one. I’m holding off on reading yours until I write one.

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What a strange trip that was! I love that you came it from the opposite side mortal life. Bravo! And thanks linking me. I need to figure out how to do that.

I’ve thought about this subject, and how things may “exist” *in potentia*, and be brought to life with only a thought or action. One of my many unfinished stories was about an evil spirit coming to life only when it was first noticed.

This was so strange and well done, I loved it. The parallel to escaping the office and becoming somebody… perfect.

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